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Our lab at Karolinska Institute?studies epigenomic mechanisms in the context of metabolic disorders (T2D, atherosclerosis and NAFLD). The group utilizes state-of-the-art OMICs approaches to investigate how metabolic stress confers imprinting to the mammalian cell genomes to affect metabolic tissue and immune cell physiology (check the webpage for more details:?澳门24小时娱乐城vip官网最高占成). We have so far generated several global and tissue-specific KO mouse models, and in collaboration with the clinicians, we have published several interesting findings in Nat Med, JCI, Mol Cell, Nat Com, etc.


We are now looking for candidates who are interested in our project to apply for the NOVO NORDISK postdoc fellowship program (project number 7,?http://www.323.nsb322.com/en/what:job/jobID:317100/). The successful applicant will join us as a project leader to?investigate human monocyte remodeling mechanisms during atherosclerosis development. Documented metabolic research experience is required for this position. Expertise with basic molecular biology and biochemistry techniques, OMICs and bioinformatics (R or Python programming) is a huge plus but not mandatory as we have intensive bioinformatics training courses for postdocs to support the project.


At Karolinska Institute, we provide internationally competitive infrastructures and research environment. The lab has been well funded by Swedish Research Council and other local and EU foundations to guarantee research of the highest standard. The NOVO NORDISK postdoc fellowship is a prestigious program to support the young generation scientists with competitive salaries and internship opportunities in the industry. Above all, Stockholm is the capital of Scandinavia and is among the most 'livable cities' in the world.?Sweden also?provides generous social welfare to foreign scientists. Kindly submit your application before March 16th if you are interested on?http://www.215.655psb.com/en/what:job/jobID:317100/

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